Liselore Frowijn studied a BA in Fashion Design at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where she graduated with honours in 2013. Her final collection “Afternoon of a Replicant”, was met with acclaim. 

This first collection was based on the juxtaposition between sportswear and luxury, and drew inspiration from Henri Matisse’s late cut-outs. By using cutting and pasting techniques, Frowijn created a modern suit for the contemporary woman, enlisting the same bold palette that Matisse used, but spreading it across innovative sportswear fabrics. Alongside these suits she designed a range of modern pieces based on military dress codes constructed in rich, artisanal fabrics with self-designed, hand-painted or embroidered prints. The dominant silhouette was voluminous and layered, while plays on fabric transparency created an interplay between background and foreground. A fresh, contemporary breed of luxury was born. 

This collection earned Frowijn the Frans Molenaar Dutch Couture Award in 2013. She was also awarded the Prix Chloé at the Hyères International Festival de la Mode 2014, taking her place as one of ten finalists.

In Summer 2013 she did an internship with the innovation team of the fabric company Mantero Seta S.p.A. in Como, Italy, where she developed exclusive painted fabrics for clients in the high-luxury fashion industry, including Prada, Chanel, and Gucci. 

In October 2013 onwards, Frowijn works on a fashion design project at the prestigious design company Vlisco in the Netherlands, developing wax textiles in a business that dates back to the West-African market in 1846. The collection is still in development and will be presented during Amsterdam Mercedes-Benz fashion week 9th of July 2016.

Alongside these endeavours, Frowijn is the co-founder of fashion collective The Much, Much. Comprising eighteen young and talented fashion designers from ArtEZ, the collective inaugurated itself with guerrilla shows and a special event with the Dutch ambassador during Paris Fashion Week, October 2013. (

As a designer, Frowijn feels the continuous drive to capture and retransmit the energy she gets from art, music, people, and different cultures. For her, fashion is the best medium to weave all these different threads together into one eclectic outcome. Fashion is her playing field, and her challenge is to discover the unexpected. Her designs walk the fine line between high and low culture, each new piece a living painting carefully constructed to achieve the perfect balance between aestheticism and imperfection. 

Her designs are for women with a curious heart; explorers at the core, ambitious and independent. The concept of her second collection, S/S 15’s “Fracture Space” was the woman at one with herself. She moves elegantly and dynamically, and lets no one interrupt her energy. She instinctively courts luxury, knowing it in its purest form. The core look of this collection centred on tweed biking jackets and polo shirts finished with sportswear piping. Frowijn combined her self-developed and hand-painted fabrics with outdoors materials, adding a touch of opulence with rich Italian jacquards. Frowijn presented this collection along with a new fragrance at SALON/BIG BANG ’14 at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam. The collection campaign was shot by talented photographer Olya Oleinic. 

In October 2014, Frowijn was nominated for the Young Designer Award during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. From Autumn 2014 through to May 2015, she worked on the F/W 15 and S/S 16 collections at Mantero 1902 in the role of creative director. These collections were sold in international stores from September 2015 onwards. 

A preview of her third collection, F/W 15-16, “No.3 Formania” was presented at the opening night of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Amsterdam, as well as in Paris during the RTW fashion week, where the show was on Mode à Paris’s official off-schedule calendar. 

In April 2015, this collection was showcased on the FORMERS platform at Hyères International Festival de la Mode 2015.  

In September 2015, Frowijn presented her S/S 16 collection in showrooms in London and Milan during RTW fashion week, as well as in a runway show and showroom in Paris. Her F/W 16 collection is presented in a showroom during Milan Fashion Week, and on March 1st at a runway show in Paris as part of the official Mode à Paris Fashion Week calendar. 27th of September 2016 the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is presented in Paris as part of the official Mode à Paris Fashion Week calendar and in showroom Romeo in le Marais. 

On Sunday 29th January 2017 at 9pm, Liselore Frowijn’s online store launched her first ‘see now, buy now’ capsule collection: #TheNewCluster. This comprises of a selection of wax-printed fabric garments shown after her pre-fall 2017 at Amsterdam Fashion Week.  

Next show coming up: Paris Fashion Week Show (main collection F/W '17-'18): February 28th 2017: 1pm



2009 – 2013: Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from ArtEZ Academy of Art in Arnhem, The Netherlands, graduated with honours

2011 – 2012: Minor Exposure; set up an exhibition/pop-up-store in Amsterdam for Collectie Arnhem 2012

2004 – 2009 VWO (A-Level equivalent) at St. Bonifatius college in Utrecht.

Major: Culture & Society

Extra Subjects: mathematics A1,2,  economics, English Proficiency Class, art 

Work Experience

2017, 4 March - 8 March, Paris: showroom during Paris fashion week at 7, Rue Charlot in le Marais. 

2017, 28 February, Paris: show Liselore Frowijn F/W 17 collection at 13, Rue Chapon in le Marais as part of the official calendar of Mode à Paris fashion week calendar.

2017, 14 February, Amsterdam: launch collection of uniforms designed for all KPN & Telfort store-employees by Liselore Frowijn incollaboration with the production company Dickies and KPN. 

2017, 29 January, Amsterdam: presenting first See Now Buy Now experience in the Netherlands during Mercedes Benz Amsterdam Fashion week where Liselore presents the pre-fall 2017 collection, followed by The New Cluster; a capsule-collection that was         immediately for sale online after live streaming the show, on the webshop.

2016, 27 September - 10 October, Paris: Romeo showroom during Paris Fashion Week at Romeo Showroom, 18 rue Ferdinand Duval to present the Liselore Frowijn S/S 17 collection.

2016, 27 September, Paris: show Liselore Frowijn S/S 17 collection ’’SAGOI!’’ at Galerie Joseph 116, Rue du Turenne in le Marais as part of the official calendar of Mode à Paris fashion week calendar.

2016, 25 August - 19 September, Japan: participation of an indigo residency in Japan on the island Kyushu on invitation by Crafts Council NL to work with local artisans on indigo-dyeing techniques, arts and crafts. 

2016, August - present, Helmond: working as a freelance-designer on fashion-concepts for VLISCO to lead the artistic direction of the international campaigns of all collections by Vlisco on location in Africa.

2016, 12-15 July - present, Hyères: monthly leading kids-workshop on fashion on invitation by the Villa Noailles team. 

2016, 10 July, Amsterdam: presenting the Resort 2017 collection ’’Afropolitan’’ by Liselore Frowijn in collaboration with VLISCO and supported by Royal Flora Holland during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

2016, 21 - 25 April, Hyères: Participant in FORMERS platform, presenting F/W 16 collection “Let’s Hear it for the Lions” in the Mercedes-Benz showroom curated by Marc Turlan. Invited as previous winner of the Grand Prix Chloe 2014 at the Hyères International Festival de Mode et Photographie 2015.

2016, 10th - 11th of March, Paris, participant in the ’Future Fashion Practices’ master class with meeting experts from the fashion industry such as Lucas Ossendrijver (Lanvin Homme), Jean Pierre Blanc (Hyeres Fashion Festival), Armand Hadida (L’Eclaireur), Philippe de Beauvoir (advisor to LVMH and le Bon Marché), Luca Marchetti (market research), as well as le New Bon Marche), Luca Marchetti (market research) as well as members of Dutch royalty.

2016, 2 - 9 March, Paris: showroom during Paris Fashion Week at Atelier Néerlandais 121, Rue de Lille to present the Liselore Frowijn F/W 16 collection.

2016, 1 March, Paris: Liselore Frowijn F/W 16 collection show at Atelier Néerlandais 121, Rue de Lille, as part of the official calendar of Mode à Paris fashion week calendar.

2015, 17 December - 8 February 2016, Amsterdam: taught Fashion Design course to students at Artemis. 

2015, 1 - 7 October, Paris: showroom during Paris Fashion Week at 187, Rue du Temple. Invited to participate by press-agent Marie-Cassandre. 

2015, 30 September, Paris: S/S 16 collection presentation with show in Gallery Joseph, 21-23 Rue des Filles du Calvaire,  as part of the official calendar of Mode à Paris fashion week off-shedule calendar.

2015, 23 - 28 September, Milan: S/S 16 collection presentation in showroom. Invited by Mr. Carlo Capasa, President of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), and Vogue Italia, to present the collection in their showroom “Fashion Hub” showroom at Uncredit Pavilion, 10 Piazza Gae Aulenti, during Milan Fashion Week.

2015, 20 - 22 September, London: participant in AVANT PREMIER SHOWROOM during London Fashion Week, Soho.

2015, 23 - 27 April, Hyères : Participant in FORMERS platform, presenting F/W 15 collection “No. 3 Formania” in the Mercedes-Benz showroom curated by Marc Turlan. Invited as previous winner of the Grand Prix Chloe 2014 at the Hyères International Festival de Mode et Photographie 2015.

2015, 3 March, Paris: F/W 15 collection show and showroom presentation during Paria Fashion Week, as part of the official Mode a Paris off-schedule calendar. 

2015, 22 January, Amsterdam: “No.3 Formania’’ collection presentation during opening night at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2014, September – May 2015, Como: creative director of the Mantero 1902 scarf collection by Mantero Seta S.p.A. based in Como, Italy, designing two foulard collections (F/W 15 and S/S 16) based on the Mantero Seta S.p.A. archives, which were sold in international stores such as La Rinascente, Galaries Lafayette and le Bon Marche from September 2015 onwards.

2014, September – May 2016, Amsterdam: designed all RAI Amsterdam uniforms in collaboration with the production company Dickies, a laundry-service company, for RAI Amsterdam, a fair comparable to the Parc des Expositions in Paris.

2014, 25 June, Amsterdam: presentation of ‘’FRACTURE SPACE’’, the Liselore Frowijn S/S 15 collection, at the Salon of Dutch
couturier Frans Molenaar, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2013, October - September 2014: designer at Vlisco Netherlands B.V. (; designing a semi-couture womenswear    collection based on the textile archives of the company, known for the African wax textiles it has produced since 1846. 

2013 July – September 2013, Como:  internship at Mantero Seta SpA in Como, Italy. Painting and print-designing for the haute-couture fashion textiles industry.

2012 February – May 2013, London: internship at Peter Pilotto, London. Worked as assistant designer in the studio, in print design, the fabric department and as assistant to the production department in their communications with production from China to Portugal. 

2011 – 2012, Arnhem: design team, sponsorship management, print development for Collectie Arnhem 2012.


2017, 19 February, London: selected as finalist for London Fashion Showcase during ready to wear London fashion week as part of exhibition LOCAL/GLOBAL, curated by Shonagh Marshall at London’s Somerset House, invited by the British Fashion Council for   London Fashion Showcase during ready to wear London fashion week. 

2016, June - present, Eindhoven: selected as finalist for the Dutch Design Awards 2016 during Dutch Design Week 2016 at Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

2016, May - present, Paris: selected as one of the ten finalists for Les Etoiles Mercedes, a fashion award initiated by Mercedes Benz.

2016, 10 - 11 March, Atelier Néerlandais, Paris: selected for a special commission by the Han
Nefkens Foundation during the two-day master class ’Future Fashion Practices’, where young fashion talents met with industry experts.

2014, 1 September - present, Eindhoven: nominated for the Young Designer Award during Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven 2014

2014, 27 April, Hyères: winner of Grand Prix Chloe Hyères 2014

2014, 27 January – present, Hyères: selected for Hyères 2014

2013 April - present, Amsterdam: winner of the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2013 (first-prize)


2017, 16 - 19 February, London: part of exhibition LOCAL/GLOBAL, curated by Shonagh Marshall at London’s Somerset House, invited by the British fashion council for London Fashion Showcase during ready to wear London fashion week.

2016, 1 November - 16 November, Nagasaki & Tokyo, Japan; Spring/Summer 2017 collection ’SAGOI!’ exhibited in Desjima and Tokyo as part of the Crafts Council NL exhibition ’Sharing Blue’; about the exchange program Summer 2016 with Japanese artisans. 

2016, 22 October - 29 October, Eindhoven, The Netherlands; the Resort 2017 collection ’Afropolitan’ in collaboration with Vlisco 

exhibited at the exhibition ’Maarten Baas Makes Time’ & at the ’In No Particular Order’ exhibition supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL; the Spring/Summer 2016 collection ’Apocalypse Me Now’ presented at the ’Dutch Design Awards Exhibition’ and the Spring/Summer 2017 collection ’SAGOI!’ exhibited in the Kazerne as part of the Crafts Council NL exhibition ’Sharing Blue’, allduring Dutch Design Week 2016. 

2016, 24 June - July: MMKA, the Modern Museum of Art in Arnhem, the Netherlands: exhibition with screen printed items from S/S 16 collection, in collaboration with Plaatsmaken

2016, 24 April - 4 September, Drents Museum in Assen, the Netherlands: part of the exhibition ’‘ABOVE AND BEYOND” in collaboration with photographer Danielle Kwaaitaal

2015, 29 October - 29 November, Rotterdam, The Netherlands: exhibition on prints by Liselore Frowijn in Tijdelijk Modemuseum, Het Nieuwe Instituut. 

2015, 19 September - 2016, 7 February, the Hague, the Netherlands: part of exhibition ’'Ode aan de Mode'’, about the history and new generation of Dutch Fashion. 

2015, 1 - 7 June, Paris: participant in “D’Days Paris 2015” with a research project on flowers.

2015, 19 - 24 May, Romania: participant in “Dutch Young Designers” during Romanian Design Week.

2014, 1 November - 14 December, Istanbul: participant in “SALON/Dantel”, Istanbul, Turkey

2014, 3 - 9 November, Amsterdam: participant in “Campaign For Wool” by Woolmark.

2014, 16 - 18 September, Paris: exhibition at Premiere Vision, France, with Hyères.

2014, 5 - 7 September, Eindhoven: “It’s Fashion Weekend” exhibition in Conceptstore You Are Here.

2014, 26 June – 24 August, Amsterdam: “SALON BIG/BANG ’14” exhibition at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, alongside a collection and fragrance by Givaudan, Paris.

2014, 26 January – 9 February, Amsterdam: collection exhibition with Henriette Tilanus at “WinterSALON/14” at Hans Lensvelt, Herengracht 178, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2013, June – October, Paris: participant in “The Much Much” collective, wherein young talent presented themselves during Paris Fashion Week, October 2013.


2013, September - October, Beijing: exhibition with final collection at “SALON/BJ” in Dashilar, Beijing.