Pre-Fall 2017
Liselore Frowijn’s pre-fall 2017 takes us on a trip through utopian cities - manifesting ideal hypothetical landscapes through the lens of Dutch artist Alfred Eikelenboom (1936-2014). These dynamic landscapes are created in collaboration with NOMAN Studio who is responsible for the show’s set design. A mix of colours and shapes will be used to develop forceful cityscapes.
Awoken before sunrise, on an early morning last October during a work trip for VLISCO in Nigeria, the designer struggled during the night with how to tell her audience about the cultural magic she was experiencing. She wanted to express the chaotic camouflage of the streets of Lagos, where the vibrant textual world blends into a natural cacophony of chlorophyll green. 

This collection is supported by
Vlisco Netherland, Converse, Akta Trading Holland, Stimuleringsfonds, FashionWeek Nederland

Retail & Fashion consultancy by
Marcelo Horacio Maquieira

Set design by
Noman Studio

Graphic Design
Ulises Chamorro

Styling collection
Pieter Eliens

Joanne Schouten

Catwalk photography
Peter Stigter

Models by Bloom Model Management, 
Elite Model Management,
Models Rock Agency,
Wooef Agency,
Future Faces.

Light by

Star Studded Studios

Kim Vos and Michelle for B Different

Hair by

MAC Cosmetics

Spice PR Amsterdam

Diederik Verbakel & Marieke Holthuis

Fabrics supported by
Dutch Quilting & Textiles.

With special thanks to
Elena Kirsanova, Zara Atelj, Beata Gurgielewicz, Rebecca Ward, Rosanne van Wijk, Anna Abraham-Reynolds, Janique Hamers, Lola van Poelvoorde, Anneke Mak.